Doula Services

copyright Anna Treadway 2012

copyright Anna Treadway 2012

Please contact me for an interview to discover if I’m the doula for you!

Basic: $750

  • 1 Pre-Natal visit ~ Primarily for creating relationship and prenatal education. May include yoga, visualization/hypnobirthing practice, meditation, birth logistics, birth pool or other skills or tools for comfort measures in labour. (Generally 2 hours. Note: Depending on your childbirth preparation needs and availability, this can be a bit flexible on timing and may draw one of the postnatal visits to prenatal if more than one session is desired.)
  • Unlimited phone check ins ~ ending at final Post-Natal visit
  • Continuous Doula Support during labour and birth  including postpartum meal and cleanup  (approx. 2 hrs after delivery)
  • 2 Post-Natal visits ~ birth review and closure (approx 1 hr. each). May include a small amount of: breastfeeding support, information about infant care and family health, light housework, mothering the new mother (informational as there is not enough time in this package to do ceremony), helping with siblings.
  • Your Birth Story and Numerology for your child.

Flexible: $1000

  • 1- 3 Pre-Natal visits ~ creating relationship, prenatal education, private Pre-natal Yoga (approx 2 hrs per visit).
  • Unlimited phone check ins ~ ending at final Post-Natal visit
  • Continuous Doula Support during labour and birth  including postpartum meal and cleanup
  • Your Birth Story
  • 2-4 Post-Natal visits ~ birth review + any emotional, physical or informational support (approx 2 hrs per visit)
  • Services may include:
  • Information and teaching about infant care,
  • Breastfeeding support,
  • Family Management / Visitors
  • Siblings care/support,
  • Light Housework,
  • Emotional & Physical Healing (mothering the mother, companionship and/or healing practices/ceremony)
  • Private Post-Natal Yoga (at 6 weeks)
  • **IMPORTANT NOTE: The total visits to you at home (apart from responding to you at labour and through birth) is 5 with this package. Any unused prenatal visits can be transferred to postnatal period. If you use 3 prenatal visits, this package allows 2 postnatal visits. If you use only 1 prenatal visit, this will offer you 4 postnatal visits! In other words, this package offers the new mother-to-be approximately 10-12 hours of services that fall outside of the actual labour and birth.

Additional Post Natal Care: $25/hr – minimum 2 hour visit

  • Based entirely on your needs that day.
  • May include any services as listed in “Flexible” support package.

Karolina and Doula Shannon 4

Pairing childbirth classes or workshops with doula services:

If you are taking a holistic prenatal childbirth preparation class with me, 50% of the cost of that class will be taken off the doula package price we agree on, if my doula services are also a fit for you.


I believe that all women have a right to continuous labour support and peri-natal health care that includes non-family, non-biased caregivers from both medical and emotional realms.

For those seeking financial assistance, I may consider a sliding scale or partial trade by contract, for my birth doula package service energy exchange.

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