Classes and Groups

Prenatal Yoga 

When: Wednesdays (January and February, 2017)

Time: 4:00 – 5:00 pm ish

Place: 427 Duke’s Road in the “Creek Studio”

Cost: $20 /3 classes or $40 for a 6 class series.

Drop in for $12, if space allows. Please call first.

Call or email for details if this is your first time coming to class.

Space: Pre-paid students will have priority. All other space is first-come, first-served.

Approximately 5-6 people can comfortably do yoga in this space.


_MG_6239photo by Billie Woods


Childbirth Labour Support Workshop

When: September 14 &21, 2016  and November 23 & 30, 2016

Where: 427 Duke’s Road, SSI

Evidence-based learning with Lamaze Certified Instructor, Shannon Cowan. Space limited: Register now! 6534867 or shannoncowanyoga(at)gmail(dot)com.

As a result of your participation in this workshop, you will have gained the knowledge and skill to:
– recognize and respond to the stages of labour
– understand anatomy of labour and birth and potential medical interventions
– promote healthy birth outcomes through knowledge, practice and understanding
– cope with the pain of labour (e.g. positions, comfort skill practice)
– encourage and support verbally, physically and emotionally under a variety of labour and birth situations (for partners)

– recognize newborn healthy appearance and cues, apply basic infant care strategies
– make informed decisions, and
– communicate your needs and questions in medical environments

– understand and apply a ‘whole person’ mental-emotional preparedness approach to pregnancy, birth and family life
– understand and use evidence-based physical, physiological, and nutritional tools for late pregnancy, labour, birth and early postpartum.


General Costs:

Private –

$90.00 – 1 birth team (includes pregnant woman and her birth support partner), 3 hr max.

Semi-Private –

$60/team – 2 birth teams, up to 4 hours

$45/team – 3 or more birth teams, up to 5 hours

Taught privately in my studio, or your home  – custom-tailored to meet your needs, including yoga and partner support practice.

Please call to register, or if no date appears here, please call to express interest or arrange a private session. Thank you.


Parent and Child Yoga – 

Private – custom-designed session to give you Kundalini Yoga tools to address issues in your mind, body, spirit and life.

$90.00 – 2hr session, includes follow-up phone and email support.

Semi-Private – Fun classes (1.5 hr each) for 2 or more women with their children under 5 yrs.

Location: My studio (will fit 4 practitioners with children) or one of your homes if the space works for yoga for several people and children to be safe. Dates and times to be mutually arranged. Call to discuss: 250.653.4867

$90.00 – 1 session

$250.00 – 3 sessions

$450.00 – 6 sessions


Prenatal Yoga –

Private – custom-designed session to give you Kundalini Yoga tools to address issues in your mind, body, spirit and life.

$90.00 – 2hr session, includes follow-up phone and email support.

Semi-Private – Fun classes (1.5 hr each) for pregnant women.

Location: Call to discuss: 250.653.4867

$90.00 – 1 session, price can be split among practitioners

$250.00 – 3 sessions

$450.00 – 6 sessions

photo by Karen Love



PRICING FOR YOGA Classes at Wellness Centre / Ganges Yoga Studio follow studio pricing. Rental of space, certification, insurance and continuing education are part of my yoga teaching, doula services and certified childbirth education practice and get included in my private and semi-private pricing.

7 Responses to Classes and Groups

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  2. Robyn Oakes says:

    Hi there Shannon!

    My husband and I have recently moved to Salt Spring and are pregnant with our first child! We are interested in your prenatal/prenatal yoga classes that will be coming up soon! Could we get on a mailing list or be informed in someway, when you have determined the dates and details?

    Thank you so much for your time!
    Robyn Oakes

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  4. Hannah Spray says:

    Hi Shannon! I’m very interested to know if you would be interested in a post-natal yoga class with babes in tow, if I could get together a small group?


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  6. J says:

    Hi. I’m wondering if Mom and Baby yoga is still on hold?
    I would love to take this class with my little one!

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