Self Cleaning Body and Mind

Spring is here! We are being called to clean out the habitual patterns – especially what and how and when we eat foods. Letting our diets change with the seasons is especially important for maintaining healthy sleeping and physical rhythms. Yoga can help, but the awareness gained from regular yoga practice must also be turned into action.

What are the signs….? They differ for everyone. Some might include: bloating and gas, periodic unexplained temper, nausea and pain in several gut organs/areas after eating, headaches upon awakening and after eating, abnormal bowel rhythms and stools, dizziness and abnormal levels of exhaustion after regular exercise, anxiety and inability to catch one’s breath, fogginess in the brain, itchy skin or ears.

I’ve been training for the triathlon season for the last 7-8 weeks and in the last 4 weeks have been stopped several times by some of these symptoms.

What is helping? Live probiotics (not in pill form – that made it worse) like Kombucha, and unpasteurized sauerkraut with only sea salt, water and cabbage in it. Ginger and roasted garlic have also been palatable and seem to help.

Most of all – it helps when I practice yoga. Mornings, evenings and teaching yoga classes. When I practice, even if I’ve been hungry, grumpy, stressed out by commitments I cannot keep or things that “don’t get done perfectly”, I achieve clarity, calm, zero distress in my gastrointestinal system and deep breathing and joy. You can too!

Yoga practice can “look” like a lot of different things for different people. Are you someone who needs to learn some basic tools and attend regular classes with a certified teacher? Maybe you’ve practiced off and on, and the regular classes and teacher keep you committed to the Path of Self Discovery and Healing. Perhaps you honour the benefits this brings to your life, yet struggle with keeping a practice on your own? Are you in need of community to keep you going in your commitment? Does your yoga look like ten minutes of stretching and an hour of chanting and meditating? Does it look like specific breath work/pranayama in a seated position, and muscle tension release poses, without a specific sequence or series or oriya? Do you like the simultaneous mental ease and stimulation of a different Kriya every time you practice? Do you find deep benefits from the mental and emotional release of a series of asana and pranayama where you don’t have to think too much about what comes next and can go deeply into consciousness awakening and mental-emotional cleansing?

There is something for everyone in the pursuit of awakening in the morning and asking yourself a question as you gaze in the mirror at your own soul through your eyes.

“What is my practice, today?”

Curiousity and time to Know Thyself – these are my greatest tools in the Practice toolbox.

Blessings on your Journey. If my offerings of the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan can be of service in your journey, I will see you in class!

Please be welcome to explore some of the powerful Mantra and Sound Healing that is becoming available through the gifts of Snatam Kaur – including a free online web conference offering!

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Love growing food, natural settings, water, community Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Doula (DONA), PhD Biology (2001), Mother and Wife
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