Consciousness and Creativity

_MG_6238We wake up to ourselves by practising removal of all of the self-imposed barriers to conscious clarity.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras guide us to recognition and awareness of “I am”, rather than a brain filled with thoughts imposing itself on the mind-body-soul.

This week all of our group yoga (five classes on Salt Spring Island) gave us the opportunity to explore the connection between a balanced second chakra – Svadisthana – and the awakening to our inherent, Divine creative nature. We chanted to open the throat and to balance our endocrine systems. We re-set our nervous systems with the sacred sound of the Gong, and we deeply massaged our muscles, joints, organs and other physical components while bringing the mind to focussed concentration.

On our own journeys, we work with regular discipline (achievement of upliftment of Spirit and bringing the light of consciousness to our inner world and to others). It means taking our practice outside of yoga classes, to awaken each moment – in relationship to ourselves and others. Discipline is about being rigorous and giving up the ego’s momentary desire (sometimes to great perceived discomfort) in order to attain Mastery of the mind and desires that are transitory, so one can experience the blissful energy when the mind and soul knows itself as pure Love. Surrendering to discipline will reduce what Yogi Bhajan called the “Unconscious Burden”. He taught that most humans are desensitized to the present moment because they live in their heads; humans experience life from the past or the future, following the folly of each desire as it arises, without really knowing why it is there; most humans are asleep to who they are, and how they are, in the glorious present “is-ness” of this moment.

Let’s wake up, together!

Here is a video I made last spring, in which I offer you tools from the Kundalini Yoga technology that speak to your daily awakening, and may be the right practices for this time in your life.

Yogi Bhajan told his friends and beloved students that it does not matter how long you practice, or even exactly what Kriya or Meditation you choose. Just do the practice. Let the grace of these teachings show up in your life by giving yourself to your Self for some regular practice every day.

Ideally, practice before your thinking day begins.

Please share with us what practising Kundalini Yoga brings to your life!

See you in group classes next week! Sat nam.

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Love growing food, natural settings, water, community Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Doula (DONA), PhD Biology (2001), Mother and Wife
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