Mudra for Elemental Balance

Living free of stress is a condition unknown to humans. And for parents and parents-to-be, one of the simplest and most profound gifts you bring to your relationship with your children is your demonstration of the ability to relax, trust and cultivate inner balance. And, hey, it could have its benefits from your perspective as well! Imagine the feeling of capacity and capability that comes when your mind is not in resistance with the picture of life in front of you? TattvaBalanceMudra
How to practice this mudra:
Start with some movement and conscious breathing. If you practice Kundalini Yoga already and you know how, please tune in with the Adi Mantra. Otherwise, create an environment of connection with your inner senses and awareness (even just a few minutes alone in the bathroom will do!). Then, please raise your elbows to the sides so the forearms are parallel to earth. Touch the tips of each finger and thumbs together at the heart center, and separate the palms like the image above. Press firmly so that the end pad of each digit up to the first joint is securely touching the opposite finger pad. Turn the thumbs to point towards your heart center in the center of your sternum.

Focus your eyes at the tip of the nose. For 3 minutes, slow your inhale smoothly through the nostrils and exhale through rounded lips in 8 strokes. This requires use of the navel point and if you are pregnant, use the diaphragm gently, not the abdominals to puff the air out in 8 equal strokes. If you are not pregnant, use your abdominal muscles. Continue smoothly between inhales and exhales.

You can practice this just 3 minutes daily for vital balancing of left and right brain hemispheric functioning, and balance of the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. It has significant effects on the nervous system to increase our capacity for greeting and managing the effect of stress on body, mind and spirit. Work in 30 seconds longer each day up to a maximum of 11 minutes for this meditation at one time for serious practitioners.

Starting Mother’s Day for 40 days, I will invite you to practice this for 11 minutes daily with me for transformation of our relationship to stressors and integrated healing!

Sat Nam.

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Love growing food, natural settings, water, community Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Doula (DONA), PhD Biology (2001), Mother and Wife
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