Cover it with a little bit of Earth….

Each seed – whether it is a new life you are growing inside, your own inner child, your dreams of being BIG and serving nature and humanity – deserves the nurturing space of a little bit of Earth.

Just as the soil is made of air, water, and a specialized matrix of nutritious chemicals serving the needs of our future foods and flowers, so is our body a material haven of connections, relationships and the interplay of light and matter.

The Earth element, or Tattva as the Sanskrit teaches us to speak it, serves as a home for the virtue of stability and security. Now. In exactly this moment as it is, not yearning for growth, or disparaging the past as it was.

On this day of celebrating Earth, the planet, and the systems and elements that relate to one another in a magical dance of Life, the simple act of noticing our legs and feet and sit bones as they connect with the planetary hum can help us to transform our habits and access the energy to move mountains!

Cultivating awareness (or Mind) in our root chakra, Muladhara, we can find rest, relaxation and the solidity of our convictions. This root strength and power gifts us with groundedness, while other virtues gift us with finding balanced use of Water, Fire, Air and Ether (the four other main Tattvas that co-exist in our bodies with Earth). Strengthening poses for the root chakra include crow pose (deep squat), frog poses, standing poses which strengthen the relationship of parts in our feet and legs, such as Surya Namaskara I and others. Spinal flexes or sufi grinding also open circulation to the root and sacrum, invigorating and informing other asanas.

Seeds floating freely in water or air only germinate when they “land” somewhere steady and constant enough to allow a foundation of roots to sink in, or at least a perch on which aerial bodies begin to creep (as in mosses, lichens and epiphytous plants!) Gift yourself a practice of adding a little bit of Earth to your day. Sitting on your pelvic bones to meditate and slow down the Mind….or chanting while you sway on your feet with your children, feeling your legs moving in rhythm with Earth, or breathing in one of the asanas mentioned above.
Sat Nam Earthy Friends!

About shannoncowan

Love growing food, natural settings, water, community Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Doula (DONA), PhD Biology (2001), Mother and Wife
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