Mothering The Mother

This week’s yoga class was about expressing ourselves. The Throat Chakra – Visuddha. This is the gateway to the upper energy centers, and the home of the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands, which help regulate metabolic efficiency.
New mothers are often unprepared for the Baby Blues, and the undercurrent (or complete takeover) of exhaustion, anxiety and stress that life with a newborn (or multiples!) can bring.

In my prenatal yoga classes and childbirth education classes, including the Dads Are Doulas Too Workshops that I co-teach with Rebecca Nygard on Salt Spring Island (and soon coming to Vancouver Island!?), we emphasize the importance of imagining a different reality in new parenthood. It’s hard to do. Many of us can imagine the pain of childbirth and the stamina that is needed for hours or days to birth a child. What we often cannot comprehend, or even dream, is the reality of living post birth 24-7 with the unpredictable and often untenable needs of our newborns, our exhausted brains, mineral-depleted bodies coupled with our changing relationship to our partners. In these circumstances, the Throat Chakra is often completely repressed. We are not supposed to complain about becoming mothers, right? It’s all “normal” stuff, right? We aren’t supposed to ask for help when this is what we asked for when we chose to create a family, right?
In Growing Into Motherhood, a Vancouver Island mother speaks out about the reality of transitioning to parenthood. This process and the repercussions in physical and mental health are very real, and often not spoken about in our culture. When the midwife asks you if you have a support network for after the baby arrives, what does that really mean? Do you have anyone who can mother the mother so your partner can grow into being a Dad, and still be your partner?
Yoga for families and new mamas offers another opportunity to connect with community and express ourselves – flexing our new parent muscles, so to speak! Sometimes, finding my voice only comes through a safe place to explore myself, So…speak up! Open your heart and let the flow of upward energy unfold at your throat to be your own authority – get what you need and avoid the potential for suffering postpartum!

Sat Nam



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Love growing food, natural settings, water, community Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Doula (DONA), PhD Biology (2001), Mother and Wife
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