Meditation for communication and mastery

When we practice communicating from our heart space, we are merging our intuitive, creative self with the flow of infinite wisdom and universal creativity. Developing our subtle body….that which perceives accurately and masters this present moment yields discernment which is a beautiful assistant in the process of peaceful, authentic self-hood.

As parents or parents-to-be, many of us are choosing a path with a high(er) degree of opportunities for communicating….verbally and non-verbally…with our very essence and energetic fields. Prenatal yoga is a toolbox for learning to communicate more clearly and effectively…with your highest self, with all of your relations and with your children.

Mother and Kundalini Yogi, Nirinjan Kaur, has a new album and people all around our globe are joining together in a daily meditation with her version of the Ether Tattva Wahe Guru chant.

Kundalini Thursdays bring us much needed motivating group practice and growth opportunities. In group yoga, we have the chance to witness others in their authentic relationship with themselves and others.

At home practice is also an essential tool. Movement with intention and inner vision brings so many benefits! Seven minutes of breath of fire in a quiet space to start the day or to shake off a negative interaction can be invaluable (non-pregnant yoga practitioners only please). Chanting is amazing for prenatal health and all yogis no matter what age! It resonates the heart space and on a physical level it stimulates our glandular system and resets our neurochemical communications for an experience of connectedness, ease, peace and neutral mind. Need some motivation and juicy inspiration for the intellect? Try this free online publication: Aquarian Times.

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Love growing food, natural settings, water, community Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Doula (DONA), PhD Biology (2001), Mother and Wife
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