Intuitive Living is Subtle

Whatever the flavour of your approach to the philosophical question…”What is consciousness?” or “What is Life?”, you’ve probably had the experience of a “knowing-ness” that seems to be stronger than the logical mind. What is this elusive knowing? How can we harness it and tap into the creativity and peace that it presents to us?

Does your life seem to be “speeding up”? In these times of 2012 and moving forward through the construct we know as “Time”, the energy patterning for human consciousness is changing more rapidly than it has in the history of our species. With this expansion in consciousness and connectedness come new challenges. See Aquarian Times for more information.

In these Times, we no longer seem to need Information….it is here in abundance. To Act Responsibly toward the Planet and toward all Living Beings, we are in need of Wisdom and Inner Guidance aka Subtle listening and Soul Intuition.

Ego or Intuition?
Learning to learn about ourselves in new ways requires the capacity to distinguish when you are acting from your Ego vs. acting from your Intuition. These Times call on us to develop the subtle awareness of what your Heart/Soul hears and knows and wants to be. Ah, Intuition.

Can you think of a time when you’ve “followed your heart” and experienced mind-blowing Joy, Amazement and Ecstacy as a result of your choices? What about all those times you did something just because “I did this before, and it worked just fine.” Any feelings of bliss from that choice? Probably not. That is because the logical, rational mind is always the voice of Ego. Our Ego is so strong it gets rewarded by keeping us in the Past where no creativity or risk can occur.

What, then, is the Voice of Intuition?

When a woman is pregnant, she may notice that intuitive urges/thoughts come to awareness frequently — a strong knowing about foods, about when to say “No”, or about people and being around their energy. Intuition is the strong Voice of Soul…strengthened when the hormones of pregnancy have shifted the awareness and a woman lives more in her deep, animal consciousness and less in the abstract, analytical mind where Ego reigns.

This week’s Thursday yoga class aims to discern some of the variations of what Yogic philosophy calls the “Subtle Body” or the “Subtle Realm” – an energetic pattern that interacts with our Soul body to give us “Intuition” or “Creative Insights”. The home for this intuitive self is the Ajna Chakra, or Third Eye Point. The glands of the brain that are activated and implicated in the effects of “intuitive feelings” are the Pituitary and Hypothalamus (somewhat the Pineal).

Discerning through a practise of watching thought and entering into a Sensory Awareness….we may arrive at Intuitive places.

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Love growing food, natural settings, water, community Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Doula (DONA), PhD Biology (2001), Mother and Wife
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