Developing Consciousness

Babies are such wonderful teachers for older humans who often forget that we have a childhood of experiences within our “consciousness”. What is consciousness anyway? Freud tells us it is everything that we are aware of and can speak about rationally. Through my practice of Kundalini Yoga, I experience consciousness also physically and not just cognitively – awareness born of feeling, intution, and whole body response to the world around me and in me, of which I am a part.

As infants we begin our life with a blank slate, no memory, but not necessarily no awareness. It bubbles up as we develop in utero, and continues to grow in leaps and bounds after we’ve entered “Planet Earth”. We continue to develop both in our unconsciousness (a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges and memories) and in our “consciousness”. Over the course of our human development (in stages), some of the reknowned Evolved or Enlightened beings, with whom other humans have been aligned and attracted for learning, have shown us to be evolving outwards are in a perpetual cycle of “becoming” (or remembering, if we hold beliefs that we are part of Infinite Consciousness). So, how does this go for you?

Infants are in Yoga – a blissful state of unawareness about many facts and processes that clutter the adult “mind”, and thus, experience of Living. Infant minds are clean – not fixated or rigid or affected by the social awareness and other awareness levels that become piled up high in an adult’s view of their own life.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is more to living than “earning” a living, or even seeking experiences to vault oneself “out of the ordinary”. Perhaps the “ordinary” disciplined practice of whatever you might call “Yoga” for yourself – centering, integration, and cultivation of a clean mind – looking into the workings of what is means to be part of this thing called Consciousness – perhaps this is the highest form of Living.

Infants continue to show us this Bliss in their healthy and innocent beauty…..And can we influence their consciousness with Prenatal Yoga? I’ve got evidence that shows my practice of Postnatal Yoga has direct and subtle effects on Me as Mama, and therefore on my child as well.

Mountain Top Consciousness is awareness of the bright sun as I life my gaze up and beyond….is that Infinity that I see?

That might be the subject of another post….

Please join me tomorrow at Portlock Park to enjoy Family Yoga and Fitness 10am, or Thursday at 5:15 at the All Levels Kundalini Yoga class to learn and practice some centering tools together.

Sat Nam! (I am, I bow to what is True in this Moment)

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Love growing food, natural settings, water, community Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Doula (DONA), PhD Biology (2001), Mother and Wife
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