Strengthening Navel Center, Elimination and Digestion to Distribute Svadisthana Creative Energy

Our second chakra, Svadisthana, is one of the “three lower energy centers”. Kundalini Yoga balances the lower centers so that we feel them as a source of power and strength, rather than frustration, discomfort and physical heaviness. Creativity relies on a lightness of Being so that we can Be beyond our immediate present Self and see what is Possible. When our lower chakras are imbalanced or ignored, we get mired in the past and stuck in our thoughts of “what is not working”. Practising union through yoga brings breath and focus to these energy centers. It allows us to “see” with our inner awareness, and to watch our thoughts and actions before they take over our lives. Growth ensues….Join the Thursday Classes this Summer! $75 for all of them! Sat Nam.

About shannoncowan

Love growing food, natural settings, water, community Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Doula (DONA), PhD Biology (2001), Mother and Wife
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