The Relaxed, Rhythmic Family

Seeking to live a passionate life full of possibility, enjoyment, love and satisfaction could be the common goal we all share as humans.

There are many who can claim to have researched the best way to do this. Without a doubt, there are many paths…that is why we are so diverse! We each bring another light into the world so that together we create patterns, not a single glow – because we are not the same.

In young families, I observe one of the most important practices toward the common human goal: Consistently creating RHYTHM

Rhythm….is not simply a fantastic drum beat.
It is regularity, consistency, routine and ritual.

Our modern era tends to dictate that we need to be all things to all people, all the time….and that we need to serve ourselves plenty of action-packed days and plenty of “stuff” in life to be fulfilled.

What is Real for you?

For me, a life that revolves around some mindfully chosen rituals brings security, harmony and pleasure that I’m only beginning to feel in my soul. I have often seen myself reflected in others as a “Busy” person. Someone who is capable, interested in many passions and people, and who fills minutes, hours and days with much activity and accomplishment.

Amidst honouring this part of myself, I’ve come in the last 2 years especially a very long way towards being comfortable and accepting in each moment.

To get here, I ritualistically create rhythm in…:
~my inner voice with myself;
~the way I approach my husband and my daughter – with intention and love even when setting a firm boundary
~the way I awaken in the morning and prepare to sleep at night;
~the way I move and breathe in the kitchen and in the garden;
~the commitment to a yoga practice – Hey, did you know you can do yoga while typing an email?
~the commitment to dance and solo-exercise for my physical health and mental calm….hormones, endorphins, nervous system, immunity all love this!

Some of my rituals are dramatic and soulful (singing to my child, reading loved stories)…some are what you might call pragmatic. I always notice that when I hold an element of sacred presence, of love and awe and curiousity and generosity then the rhythm appears slow and beautiful, even in holding the pain experienced by daily events, or large unpredictable life shifts.

Ritual makes the unpredictable lovable.

May you enjoy a relaxed day and Unite in Yoga inviting some conscious Rhythm.
Sat Nam.

About shannoncowan

Love growing food, natural settings, water, community Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Doula (DONA), PhD Biology (2001), Mother and Wife
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