Practice and Perspective

At this time, April 2020, we are being called to practice and to regularly push ourselves to be courageously in the uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic. Bringing aliveness and vulnerability to your inner reality could mean a regular practice of yoga and meditation, and the perspective piece is watching where it becomes rote or a numbing tendency instead of curious, allowing painful emotional releases, and the cozy sense of nurturing your inner child.

Due to changes in my own life, I have had to pare back my yoga, childbirth classes and doula offerings in 2020. This site will remain mostly inactive – at least for the rest of 2020, I imagine.

I was teaching yoga once weekly, and now that too, has been consciously put to rest by coronavirus. I have turned to address what is in front of me in my life, chosen to surrender to the service I’m being called to offer at this time. One of my paid jobs has ramped up to allow Emergency Fund management and Emergency Granting to my community, and I’m rising to that challenge, while being the sole income earner in my household and juggling another work from home job that has variable work hours and workload.

I want to send out this sincere wish to all of my students, and to all who read this: I hope and wish that this pandemic offers something unique and tangible to each of you – an awakening, a softening, a vulnerability that brings you home to your path, your journey and your ability to see God in All. Yoga – like many other centering practices, like music, walking awake in nature, and others – has the capacity to bring us out of mental stories/past/future/anxiety, into a state of awareness of what is True, and the awareness of being part of a larger organism, yet also being Spirit itself.

Sat Nam! I trust that we’ll be practising together again if it is for the highest good and in the meantime let this be asunrise sat kriya reminder to continue to do the challenging work of self awareness – now more than ever it brings us perspective and peace.

~ Shannon Dharmatma

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Prenatal Yoga Six Week Series Starts Monday!

Prenatal Yoga Class

Mondays (Sept 16th – Oct. 28, no class Oct. 14)

5pm – 6:15pm

@ Salt Spring Wellness Centre on Hereford Ave.
Access to class is through parking lot entry from the back (Rainbow Road.)

We are in the smaller back studio of the Wellness Centre.

Drop in welcome! $17/class. There is lots of space.

Register for the whole series for $75. Please pay Shannon, not the Wellness Centre.

I am a certified Yoga teacher, Lamaze Prenatal Educator and DONA Birth Doula. I have been practising and teaching on Salt Spring Island since 2008.

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Kundalini Yoga Retreat July 2019

Looking for an opportunity to dive deeply into your Self with the tools of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation? To nourish your connection to yourself, build trust and self esteem, know who you are? A retreat “A Shade More…Aware” could be such an opportunity!

Shannon will be co-teaching and co-hosting the retreat with Dori of enso retreat centre on Salt Spring Island, BC.

When: July 11, 2019 afternoon  – July 14, 2019 afternoon

Where: enso retreat centre

Registration and information:


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Childbirth Preparation Workshop March 24 and 31, 2019

What: Childbirth Preparation Classes (Lamaze-certified)

When: Sunday March 24, 2019 and Sunday March 31, 2019

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Where: Studio on Salt Spring Island – end of Rainbow on Collins Rd.

Pre-Registration Required: Contact Shannon for details



Cost: $120 per birthing team

There is a balance of listening style learning, activities to do together, activities to do with your partners, discussion and question time.


  1. Introductions and Key Principles for Healthy Outcomes
  2. Stages of Labour and Birth
  3. Anatomy and Hormones
  4. Understanding Pain, Coping, Creating Birth Environment
  5. Labour Lab I – Early Labour practice positions, skills and strategies
  6. Breathing Activity for Centering
  7. Rhythm, Ritual, Relaxation video
  8. Labour Lab II: Active Labour & Back Labour
  9. Review game
  10. Birth Team and Beyond – Roles
  11. Informed Decision-Making (B.R.A.I.N.)
  12. Interventions and Hospital procedures – ReasonsRisksBenefitsAlternatives
  13. Cesarean birth
  14. Labour Lab III – Pushing and Delivery
  15. Postpartum (from birth to 6 weeks) (infant attachment and health, mama health)
  16. Birth Planning Activity
  17. Postpartum Whole Person and Family Health: Role of Support System
  18. Breastfeeding: How it works | Common stages / progression | Challenges and Options
  19. Community resources and handouts
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Prenatal Childbirth Preparation Workshop

A holistic workshop to prepare you and your birth team for labour, birth and early postpartum.

Saturday and Sunday September 22 and 23, 2018 in the afternoons

Dukes Road, Salt Spring Island

$75/birth team

Please register by August 31, 2018. Call 250-653-4867 or email shannoncowanyoga(at)gmail

  • recognize and respond to stages of labour
  • learn to cope with pain, to support rhythm, ritual and relaxation during labour and birth
  • understand anatomy, physiology and emotional landscapes for a variety of labouring women
  • understand medical interventions and their usage, learn to make informed decisions
  • promote healthy birth outcomes through knowledge and practice

This is recommended for first time parents, for those who have not attended any births before, and for those who had a traumatic previous birth experience or who are striving to create a birthing team from partners/helpers who may require some guidance and practice to be comfortable with their role helping support a labouring and postpartum mother.


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Send Yourself a Self Love Valentine

Kundalini yoga teachings offer enormous latitude in the teaching and learning about self love. Finding the peace and love that is the honest-to-goodness truth at your core is the ultimate pursuit of humans, the world over. And, it is possible! Achievable! Available to us. Practice a Kundalini Yoga meditation this week to celebrate because “You Gotta Know What Love Is!” to share it with others! What a great feeling! Sat Nam.

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Prenatal Yoga Returns February 5th

Mondays 4:30pm – 5:45pm

Creek Studio 427 Dukes Road

Call or email to reserve your space ($35/month) or try drop-in ($12/class if space allows).

The space is limited to 5 mats.


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Kundalini Yoga Regular Class

Regular all levels class on Mondays 8am is warm ups, yoga and meditation, breathing and sound healing. There is something for everyone!

When: Mondays starting Sept. 11th, 2017  8:00 – 9:15 am

Where: 427 Dukes Road in the Creek Studio, top of the green barn. Park on the road and walk in through the gate, please.

Since space is limited, you’ll need to secure a spot month to month with a $35 payment.

Contact Shannon to register and pre-pay, or to drop in $12, please call at least 1 hour before class to see if there is space for you that day. Thanks!

shannoncowanyoga(at)gmail(dot)com or 250.653.4867

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Prenatal Yoga 2017

Offered monthly fall and winter 2017.

Monday: 4:30  – 5:45pm (New day and time starts October 23rd)

[*no class November 13th for Remembrance Day holiday]

427 Duke’s Road in the creek studio – top level of the green barn.

$35/month – is a low cost way to commit and to reserve your space in the class for the month.

Drop in is $12 – there is usually space in this class!

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Alive at Five! Third Thursday each month!

Awaken! Kundalini Aquarian Sadhana. Stretching alive at five! Live music too! Every third Thursday of the month 5am-7am at Salt Spring Island Wellness Centre. We are practising the art of listening to Oneself. By Donation.

4:40am Japji

5:00 am Kriya (yoga postures)

6:00 am Chanting meditations

Slip in if you arrive later….Awaken Aquarian Sadhana 2016

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